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Tomato Mixes

Brandywine 3 Colour Mix $5.00

The famous Brandywine Beefsteak in three colors. The legendary Pink, the delicious Yellow, and the gorgeous Black. heirloom.I. 

Early Tomato Mix $5.00

A nice selection of three of our Earliest and most reliable varieties. Ailsa Craig our best and tastiest early red. Aurega a lovely tangy gold, and Black Prince an early Mahogany colored oval salad tomato. Three different colors and tastes with high productivity will look great in your garden and on your plate. 10 seeds of each.

Heirloom Collection $5.00

A great collection of old beauties. This year we have: Aurega, Aunt Ruby’s German Green, Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom, Brandywine and Lisa King. You get 8 each, separately packaged,Orange, Green, Yellow, Pink, and Red Heirlooms.