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Why Organic

Our Farm

Like a lot of Organic growers, we were environmentalists first. We know that conventional agriculture can have a negative impact on the soil, water, and air.

We are concerned with food security, and social justice. We in Canada should be growing a lot more of our own food instead of asking workers in poor Southern Countries (many of whom are children) to grow it for us at the expense of their own health and well being.

Therefore it was important to us that we do all we could do to minimize our own impact on our farm.

Every year tons of chemicals are released into the atmosphere. The long-term effects of which are unknown. We are concerned about the cumulative effects on human health.

Apart from all our concerns, is the belief that healthy, fertile soil grows best.

We want to do our work in a way that is good for the soil, good for humanity, and good for the creatures we share the planet with. It’s just the right thing to do!

M & B

There are a variety of other organizations and companies that share our vision. For more information visit our friends.