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Our Philosophy

We believe in nurturing the soil, and working the land with reverence and respect, so that when we are gone we will leave it better than when we first came. In essence, our most important job is “growing” the soil. Everything else descends from that. Fertile soil – healthy plants – robust seeds.

Our hope is that we can provide you with the best of what we grow. Most are “heirloom or heritage” varieties that we and our customers think taste and perform best in this region. Some are quite rare, but they have been around a long time for a very good reason. They’re simply wonderful.

Growing a garden is a spiritual as well as a physical thing. It can be a healing thing. In a sometimes-cynical world, planting a seed is an act of supreme optimism and hope for the future.

Our wish is that everyone who wants to (especially children) will have the opportunity to put some seeds in the ground, add water, and watch the miracle unfold.

Note the article on Terminator Seeds on the USC Canada website:

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