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Cherry Tomatoes

Black Plum $3.50

Rare, 2″ red/black colour, oval plum shape, mid season. sweet flavour. Very productive Cherry type Indeterminate. Endangered. 

Blond Kopfchen $3.50

Spectacular masses of “petticoat” like flowers produce clusters of 1″ golden fruits. One of our earliest cherry types. Over the top production. Amazing! Indeterminate. Endangered 

Elfin $3.50

“. Elfin is a perfect little red oval “grape” type cherry tomato. Bursting with crisp firm sweet flavor and a great almost crunchy texture, the large plant produces grapelike bunches of these little beauties! Shiny red skin gives a jellybean appearance. I know, I keep saying “No more tomatoes” but, Oh my gosh,you must try them! Everyone loved these, including us!

Gardeners Delight $3.50

Productive. This delicious, very sweet red is a favorite in England and North America. Wonderful old fashioned tomato flavor. Slightly over 1 inch. Indeterminate. Heirloom. 

Ghost Cherry $3.50

Unusual, squarish, 2″fruits. Very sweet,tender, pale yellow, with fine thin peachlike skin, mid season. Customers say this is their favorite Tomato! Indeterminate. Endangered. Top 10. 

Green Grape $3.50

Productive, very sweet, green/yellow cherry. Absolutely delicious, fruity tomato flavor. You’ll be a fan after your first bite! Small sprawling plant works well in containers too. Determinate. Heirloom

Riesentraube $3.50

Very productive large heirloom cherry type. Red with point on blossom end. Used to make wine in the Czech Rep. Indeterminate. Endangered. 

Snow White Cherry $3.50

Very productive, sweet, white/pale yellow cherry. Pearly,1 inch, fruity cherry tomato.Really Delicious. Indeterminate. Rare. Top 10 

Soleil Cherry $3.50

This is a growout of a Sungold type that is wonderfully sweet and over the top in production. Tangerine orange, 1/2 inch, I really love the sweet fruity flavor. Two Wings Farm exclusive. 

Sub Arctic Cherry $3.50

This little pink cherry was bred at the research station at Beaverlodge Alberta in 1976. Although not an heirloom it is an invaluable variety for growers in cool or difficult climates. Tiny plant produces abundantly.

Sweetie $3.50

Very productive, sweet, red cherry type. Our earliest red cherry tomato. Smaller than Gardeners Delight. This is a parent to Sweet 100. Very popular, Indeterminate. We love it.Heirloom. 

White Rabbit $3.50

Amazing 1/2 inch white cherry tomatoes. Large plant, translucent skin. Delicious, sweet fruity flavor. Smaller than Snow White and every bit as delicious, I love this one too. Indeterminate.Rare.