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Yellow and Orange Heirloom Tomato

Aurega $3.50

A deep apricot orange sweet tomato, with a rosy interior. About 2″ in size. Ripens fairly early. Very productive and reliable. Said to originate in Switzerland, I’ve seen it spelled “Auriga” too. I love this one. Indeterminate, Endangered. Top 10 

Earl of Edgecombe $3.50

There’s a whole story about how the Earl took tomatoes with him from New Zealand, when he received his “Earlhood” in England! (Now that’s one proud tomato grower!) Anyway, It is a great tasting tomato. A beautiful gold color and sweet tangy flavor. Around 3-4 inches. Mid size plant although mine tend to me smaller. I like it a lot! Dwarf indeterminate.

Manyel Moons $3.50

Beautiful variety, mid to late season. Native North Americans were said to be growing this one at the time of contact with Europeans. Med/large, bright clear yellow, very productive, mild flavor. Performs great in the field. Determinate 

Lillians Yellow Heirloom $3.50

Lillians Yellow Heirloom is a potato leaf variety that produces large lovely Yellow delicious tomatoes.Some getting over 1 lb. A sturdy plant with good production, and wonderful sweet/tangy well balanced flavor. Can be a bit late as with most of the very large ones, but in most years we can ripen them in the field. Well worth trying!

yellow bell $3.50

Yellow Bell is a long oval or “Plum” shaped, firm yellow. It looks beautiful in a basket with Rio Grande, or Black Plum. It is very productive and has a good, less acidic flavor. It holds well and doesn’t deteriorate after harvesting. 

Yellow Brandywine $3.50

By 1884. Yellow Brandywine is not really related to the well known Pink Brandywine. It is a Potato Leaf variety with medium to large gold colored tomatoes. Some say this is the best tasting yellow. I must say it is delicious,sweet, fruity, tangy and lovely to look at, but you’ll have to determine if it’s the best yellow! 

Yellow Mandarin $3.50

I must say thanks to my friend Marsha for forcing me to grow this tomato after I said, “NO more tomatoes”. It is very nice and I was impressed with the performance with the cold summer we had. Beautiful, productive yellow/gold firm round 4inch tomatoes, with great flavor. I had to list them! What could I do? It’s a good one!