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Sweet Peppers

25 seeds per pkg capsicum annum

All common peppers (capsicum annum) especially chiles will cross quite readily. If you want to save seeds from your peppers and you have more than one variety,you will need to isolate them from others. One way is to cover each variety with floating crop cover until fruit is set. Rocoto Amarillo will not cross with the others in the list. Peppers like heat to germinate and in our region (the south coast of BC) the seed must be started indoors in Feb-March and transplanted usually the end of May. See growing instructions.

Chervena Chuska $3.50

Last summer “Chervena” amazed us with it’s performance in the field- with no protection. Wow! Very Productive, 2X6″ peppers, very sweet, red Bulgarian heirloom. Great flavor, keep well after harvest. Stirfry with onions, and a splash of Balsamic Vinegar for a great quick side dish 

Red Ruffle $3.50

Red Ruffle also was a heroic producer out in the field with no protection. We were amazed by how strong and productive it was. Beautiful dark red pleated heirloom. Wonderful, complex, sweet flavor. A sweet paprika type with thick walls. My very favorite pepper. Absolutely delicious!