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Red Heirloom Tomatoes

(You gotta know we like tomatoes when we have 11 top 10’s !!)
lycopersicon esculentum
25 seeds per package

-NOTE- We have many other less common varieties NOT LISTED. Please e-mail us if you are looking for a certain variety–

Red Varieties

Adonis $3.50

A new variety I received from a seed saving friend from Serbia Adonis is a great producer of lovely large red tomatoes on a smallish plant. I was impressed!

Ailsa Craig $3.50

By 1907. An excellent very early 2″ red tomato. Wonderful flavor and very reliable. Indeterminate. Developed in Scotland early in the century for the greenhouse trade. As early as Stupice, but tastes way better! The chefs love this one. Our best selling tomato. A top 10. 

Alice $3.50

Medium red strawberry shaped tomato. Great flavor. Beautiful, early to mid-season Indeterminate. Rare. From Portugal. Has some disease resistance. 

Apple of Novi Sad $3.50

Another great Tomato from Serbia. These plants were started late, but still produced a wonderful large crop of beautiful Red Tomatoes. After growing in a different part of the field, they are quite a larger plant than I previously thought! and Once again, a very nice crop in a poor season! 

Red Tomato

Boxcar Willie $3.50

It is said this tomato was the favorite stolen tomato of the famous Hobo of the same name. He had good taste in tomatoes, because this one is a beautiful round red picture perfect tomato. Rich tangy flavor too. Late season.

Canada Long $3.50

I have grown Canada Long for many years, but never listed it until this year. It always produces well and they were so amazing this year I thought why not list them. A 4to5 inch long “pepper” shaped tomato that could be called a paste type, but it tastes wonderful fresh too. As with all elongated varieties, watch out for blossom end rot.

Cosmonaut Volkov $3.50

A flatish cushion shaped brick/red tomato, with very good flavor and great production. Named after the Russian spaceman. I love the intense “tomatoey” flavour of this one. 

Cuostralee $3.50

I received seeds for Cuostralee from the late Chuck Wyatt in the early 1990’s. It is a remarkable tomato- an heirloom from France. He said, great tomatoes on a “rampant” plant, and it certainly is. Beautiful very large red beefsteaks with a superb flavor. almost as good as German Red Strawberry. We grow it in the greenhouse here.

German Red Strawberry $3.50

Huge red strawberry shaped tomato.Absolutely Great flavor. Beautiful, Late Indeterminate. Rare. A sport from Pineapple. We grow this one in the greenhouse. This year’s favorite! A top 10 

Keeping Tom $3.50

Small Indeterminate plant, productive tomato, that ripens slowly and stays in good shape long after harvesting. May Be picked part ripe and will ripen slowly in cool place. Oddly, it may often appear unripe, but when cut it will be bright red. 

Nepal $3.50

Very good taste, a very productive variety. Beautiful, 3 1/2 in, round, red fruits. Very ‘tomato-y”.Seems to be quite weather dependent. So it can be variable as to performance, but in a good year it’s wonderful! Indeterminate. 

Obeyeyie $3.50

This little red tomato is from a village of the same name in Ghana. It is a sprawling determinate that doesn’t need staking. It’s solid, and versatile with great flavor and keeping qualities. High production. beautifully pleated.

Poire Rouge Franchi $3.50

A large heavy, 5 inch, solid, pear shaped paste type from Italy originally. Very productive and great for sauce or canning. 

Principe Borghese $3.50

This ping pong ball sized red tomato is the traditional “sun drying” tomato. Grows in clusters of 7-9. Is meaty and very productive. Large indeterminate plant.

Rio Grande $3.50

A great paste tomato Developed in Mexico. This one is better tasting, earlier and more productive for us than Roma. determinate.

Russian 117 $3.50

Another wonderful Russian variety. Russian 117 produces huge, dense, meaty, heart-shaped tomatoes with superb flavor and very few seeds. The foliage can be rather sad looking. Grown in greenhouse here

Sophies Choice $3.50

Very early, nice size tomatoes on a very small “drapey” plant, Great flavor. Very productive great for pots, or in the ground. Developed in Alberta.Very reliable. Determinate. Endangered. Top 10. 

St. Pierre $3.50

by 1880. St.Pierre is a well known old French traditional variety. It is a firm red, 3 to 4 inches, with a very good flavor. A good all around variety for fresh use but it can be used for sauce and canning too. A sturdy regular leafed indeterminate. Fairly productive does well in cool springs.

Stupice $3.50

May be our earliest tomato. Red, mid sized. Good flavor, productive. Developed in Eastern Europe. (Former Czechoslovakia) Very reliable producer. Determinate.