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Pole Beans

phasiolus vulgaris

Blue Lake: $3.50

Listed before 1885. This wonderful variety has been a favorite for decades. Excellent flavor and abundant quantity of 6 inch dark green beans. 30 seeds 

Helda Romano: $3.50

This is an amazingly productive Romano type from Europe. It produces an abundance of tasty, long, flat green pods. It needs good support with poles or trellis 7′ high. Heirloom. 30 seeds.

Lazy Housewife: $3.50

One of the first known pole snap beans dating back to 1810. Produces an abundant quantity of flavorful green beans up to 8″ long. Can be used as a shell bean when mature. 30 seeds/pkt

Ramdor (Rame d’Or) $3.50

Long yellow pods on a climbing vine. You will get high production of tender buttery sweet beans, over a long period. 30 seeds

Samos Greek Lima: $3.50

(phaseolus coccineus). Runner bean with white flowers. Sweet and tender when eaten young and delicious “Lima bean” flavor dried .These grow on the Greek island of Samos.”Fassolia Gigantes” Delicious soaked overnight, and cooked til tender,- then dress with good olive oil, lots of garlic, & fresh lemon juice. Will cross with Scarlet Runners. (Remove any plants that produce red flowers.) 20 seeds