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Pink and Purple Heirloom Tomato

Anna Russian $3.50

A beautiful heart-shaped pink tomato, on a somewhat delicate plant, but Very delicious and flavorful. Productive too. 

Brandywine $3.50

The old Amish favorite from 1885. Brandywine is a cushion shaped pink beefsteak with a rich, delicious flavor and fine skin. A potato leaf variety. 

Cherokee Purple $3.50

A popular dark pink/purple variety much like Purple Perfect. It has the same beautiful smooth skin and tender texture. It’s another good option that’s worth a try. Best grown in the greenhouse here.

Gregori’s Altai $3.50

A large strong and sturdy plant that produces a large pink beefsteak tomato with very good flavor and texture. Fairly early. From the Altai mountains of Siberia. This one is not often seen, but worth a try. First to ripen in the greenhouse last summer.

Ispolin $3.50

I have been growing this version of “Ispolin” -meaning “Giant”, since about 1994. It is a flatish pink beefsteak type, that performs very well in our climate. Very delicious and productive Despite the controversy of which is the original Russian Ispolin, the Red or the Pink, this one works well for me!

King Umberto $3.50

Beautiful, 2 inch rose colored oval tomatoes. Very good flavor. Productive, often 7 on a branch, dries well. Indeterminate. Heirloom. 

Prudens Purple $3.50

Prudens Purple is often compared to Brandywine. It is a similar dark pink, potatoleaf variety. Very good flavor, and very beautiful.

Purple Calabash $3.50

Weird, flat, pleated, purple/green. Ugly or beautiful depending on your perspective! but delicious, dynamic flavor. Late season. Indeterminate. Endangered. Very old. 

Purple Perfect $3.50

Purple Perfect is a lovely and productive dark Pink/purple tomato, with smooth flawless skin, and a tender texture. Sweet flavor and good acid balance. Fairly early and truly worth a try. 

Zapotec $3.50

Ancient, bell shaped, ridged and beautiful. Pink late season. The Zapotec people still grow this one in Mexico. Looks remarkable sliced on a plate! Indeterminate, Heirloom. Top 10.