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Hot Chiles

25 seeds per pkg.

Years ago, we noticed that our chilis were not as hot as they should have been when we grew the seed out. Apparently they need some stress to develop their heat. So, way less water and a less rich soil helps bring on the heat. In this region Chili seed must be started indoors with heat in Feb. March.and transplanted out the end of May. Again,they need heat to grow well. (See instructions)

Cascabel $3.50

“Sleighbell chile” these plants grow about 1 1/2 to 2ft. for me, and produce beautiful round very hot “cherry” peppers. Thanks to my dear friend Rebecca Jehn for sharing these wonderful seeds. Used in Salsas and marinade. 

Chihuacle Negro $3.50

A Beautiful dark brown Heirloom chile. Wonderful, complex, hot flavor. Look like little leather bell peppers. Used for “Mole Negro de Oaxaca”.You won’t find these in just any old seed catalog. 

Chile de Arbol $3.50

Long, thin, upward growing red chiles. The plants look like little trees. Very beautiful in the garden. These chiles are very hot, similar to cayanne peppers, and do very well outside. 

Chiltipin $3.50

We collected this chili in Alamos, Sonora. Chiltipin is a tiny- 1/4 inch- wild chili that packs quite a punch for it’s size. Our favorite restaurants in Alamos always have a jar of dried and/or pickled Chiltipins on the table. Interestingly, when I grew these seeds out in my soil at home, they grew much bigger…both the plant and the chili. Still very hot! 

Jalapeno $3.50

Traditional flavorful hot chiles for fresh use. I still love to add this one to fresh salsa for that great clean crisp spicy flavor. Lots of folks like to pickle these too, or dry and smoke them to make Chipotle a real treat.

Guajillo $3.50

Guajillo chilis are a mainstay in Mexican cooking, but are hard to get seed for here in Canada. I’m very happy to be able to offer them again this year after a great crop this summer.

New Mex $3.50

I have grown this wonderful chile for many years and when people began asking for a good red chile for sauce I knew it was time to start offering this one. We always get a plentiful crop of 8-10 inch long rich flavored chiles with a bit of heat, they make the best red sauce.

Piri Piri Chile $3.50

We are very excited to offer this famous little chili. This is the one used to make Piri Piri Chicken. We collected it in Coimbra and Evora farmers’ markets while in Portugal. It needs to be started inside early and given protection,or preferably in the greenhouse, but it will produce hundreds of 1 inch extremely HOT red chilis. **It can be hard to germinate without extra heat. We have had some customers complain, but I still want to list it- for the real chili afficianados. (you know who you are!) The Sauce- 5-8 PiriPiri chiles, (or a mixture of PiriPiri and a less firey chile)1 cup olive oil,1/2 cup wine or cidar vinegar, 4 garlic cloves,a pinch of salt. Puree in a blender,let steep for a few days. Marinate chicken and grill. Mmmm. Keeps refrigerated, in a glass jar for 1 month 

Poblano (Ancho) $3.50

Beautiful and productive 3X5 inch deep green chilis essential for stuffing- Relleno or(Chilis en Nogada)and dried mature(Ancho)for red sauce and chili powder.

Rocoto Amarillo $3.50

capsicum pubescens Unusual round, yellow 1-2″ chile from Peru. Smokin Hot! . Sometimes called Manzana. Beautiful unusual leaves and purple flowers. Has some frost resistance- Can overwinter with protection. Rarely seen here, but often seen in Mexican markets.Can be hard to germinate.