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Black Heirloom Tomato

Black Heirloom Tomato

Indigo Rose (New) $3.50

Indigo Rose was developed at Oregon State University. It was selected for it’s increased level of anthrocyanins (the dark coloration). Anthrocyanins are antioxidants which are thought to be of benefit to human health. It’s important to know that Genetic Engineering was never used to produce this variety. It was done by crossing domesticated varieties with wild varieties from Chile and the Galapagos and selecting, growing out and stabilizing. This an open-pollinated variety and we sincerely thank the researchers for their work. Indigo Rose is a very productive potato leaf indeterminate. I would say it is mid to late season. It has 2 inch very dark (eggplant) color with a rose blush when ripe. The flesh is rose colored. It will be quite firm until ripe. Very beautiful and interesting to grow. Everyone who saw it commented on it.

Black Brandywine $3.50

Productive and strong plants produce beautiful deep purple great tasting tomatoes. Sweet tangy intense flavor. Look lovely sliced with Yellow Brandywine.

Black From Tula $3.50

Large purple color, Beautiful globe shape, mid/late season. Delicious, flavor. productive Indeterminate. Rare. Top 10. 

Black Plum $3.50

Rare, 2 1/2″ red/black color, plum shape, mid season, sweet flavor. Very productive, versatile cherry/paste type can be used fresh or cooked. Indeterminate. 

Black Prince $3.50

Rare, 3″oval, red/black color, mid season. Pleasant,tangy sweet smoky flavor. A Popular, productive variety. Quite reliable outside. Indeterminate. Rare. 

Japanese Black Trifle $3.50

This is another lovely black variety. A flattened medium pear shape with intense flavor and good keeping qualities, keeps on producing.